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2015-16 A Place to Call Home III-IV TV
2015 Mad Max: Fury Road F
2015 Truth F
2015 The Bachelorette TV
2015 The Bachelor TV
2014 Unbroken F
2013 Janet King TV
2013 The Great Gatsby F (Onset Loc)
2012 The Wolverine (US) F
2012 Underbelly: Badness TV
2011 Crownies TV
2010 Underbelly: The Golden Mile TV
2009 Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities TV
2008 Australia F
2008 The Cut TV
2007 September F
2006 Superman Returns (US) F
2006 Tripping Over TV
2004 Stealth (US) F (Asst)
2003 Newton (US) TV
2002 Young Lions TV
2002 Ado F ((India))
2001 Kangaroo Jack (US) F (Asst)
2000 Hard Knox TV
2000 Official Olympic Film (US) F (Venue man)
2000 Our Lips Are Sealed (US) TV
1999 Birthday Girl (UK) F
1999 Nowhere To Land (US) TV
1999 The Potato Factory TV
1998 The Matrix (US) F (Asst)
1998 The Sound Of One Hand Clapping F
1997 The Amazing Universe of Arthur C Clarke TV (Tasmania/Thylacines)
1996 Oscar & Lucinda F (Tas scout)

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