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Location scouting & management 

2017 Bleeding Steel F (Loc Mngr)
2017 A Single Rider F (Loc Mngr)
2017 Cleverman II TV (Loc Scout)
2016 Jack Irish (PHL) TV (Loc Mngr)
2016 Germany's Next Top Model TV (Loc Mngr)
2016 Sardarji Returns F
2014 The Secret River TV (Loc Mngr)
2014 Kingsman: The Secret Service F (Loc Mngr)
2014 Hiding TV (Loc Scout)
2014 The Code I TV (Lc Scout)
2013 Geordie Shore TV (Loc Mngr)
2013 Unbroken (US) F (Loc Scout)
2013 The Little Death F (Loc Mgr)
2012 Breakfast Television Canada TV (Loc Mngr)
2012 The Wolverine F (Loc Scout)
2011 Short Beach (AU) F
2011 Ang Utol Kong Hoodlum (PHL) TV
2010-11 Martina F
2010-11 Orange (IND) F
2009-10 The Suspects TV
2009-10 Rake TV (Add)


3 Seville Street
Lane Cove NSW 2066

Web: http://www.ecomlocations.com


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