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U/Water & Surf Specialist •U/Water & protective sports housings for hire •3D •RED •ALEXA •Most HD models •35 & 16mm •Spash boxes •Full U/Water prod service •Winner 2011 ACS Golden Tripod Award 

2020 Extraction F
2019 Buoyancy F
2018 Adrfit F (U/Water DOP)
2017 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales F
2015 San Andreas F (U/Water DOP)
2015 Skin SF (U/Water)
2014 James Cameron's Deepsea Challenge D
2014 Unbroken F (U/Water DOP)
2012 Mako: Island of Secrets TV
2012 Reef Doctors TV
2010 Bait 3D F
2010 Sanctum 3D F
2010 The Reef F
2009 Oceans F
2009 Sea Patrol TV
2007 Fool's Gold (US) F
2007 Nim's Island (US) F
2007 The Starter Wife (US) TV
2006-07 H2O: Just Add Water III TV
2006 Emerald Falls TV
2006 The Condemned (US) F
2003 Returning Lily (US) TV
2002 Ghost Ship (US) F (Supplier)
2002 Mermaids TV
2001 A Ring of Endless Light (US) TV
2000 The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course (US) F
1999 Wahine (US) TV
1998-99 Flipper IV (US) TV
1998 Dear Claudia F
1998 Project X (US) F
1995-96 Flipper (US) TV

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