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2012 Birds of Tokyo: This Fire MV (Sculpt/Stdby Props)
2011 Fear Parade TV (Asst Set Dress/Pilot)
2010 Matching Jack F (Sculp)
2010 Wilfred II TV (Sculp)
2009 Where the Wild Things Are (US) F (Sculp)
2007 Toucan F (Sculp)
2005 Macbeth F (Sculp)
2005 Rats & Cats TV (Graphics)
2005 The Heartbreak Tour TV (Sculp)
2003 Fergus McPhail TV (Sculptor)
2002 Ned Kelly F (Armour/painted fibreglass)
2002 One Perfect Day F (Sculp)
2001 Legacy of the Silver Shadow TV (Sculp)
2001 The Secret Life of Us TV (Sculp)
2000 Horace & Tina TV (Mouldmaker)


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