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2021 Buckley's Chance F (Key)
2020 At Last F (Key)
2020 Kate F (Key)
2020 The End TV (Key)
2019 Total Control TV (Key)
2018 Guardians of the Tomb F (2nd U)
2018 Winchester F (Key)
2017 Thor: Ragnarok F (2nd U)
2017 The Lady and the Panda F (Key)
2015 San Andreas F (2nd U)
2014 Skin Trade F
2013 Camp (US) TV
2013 The Railway Man F
2012 Nims Island II F
2012 Man of Thai Chi F
2011 Singularity F
2008 Subdivision F (Key)
2007 Nim's Island (US) F (2nd/U)
2007 The Ruins (US) F (Rig)
2006 The Condemned (US) F (2nd/U)
2005 Answered By Fire TV (Key)
2005 Aquamarine (US) F (Key)
2004 The Marine (US) F (Key)
2002 The Great Raid (US) F
2001 Beastmaster TV (Key)
2001 Invincibles TV
1999 Dr Jeckyll & Mr Hyde TV (Key)
1999 First Daughter TV (Key)
1998 13 Gantry Row TV
1997 Murder Call TV
1997 Tales Of The South Seas TV
1996 Dark City (US) F (2nd/U)
1996 Fragile Heart (UK) TV
1996 Paradise Road F (2nd/U)
1996 Tanker Incident (US) TV
1995-96 Fire II TV
1994 Streetfighter (US) F (Rigg)
1993 Breaking Strain TV
1993 Escape From Absolom (US) F (2nd/U)
1993 Gino F
1992 Crime Broker F
1990 Skytrackers TV

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