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2018 Aquaman F
2017 Kong: Skull Island F
2017 Thor: Ragnarok F
2015 Mad Max: Fury Road F
2013 The Railway Man (UK) F
2011 Mental F
2010 Bait 3D F
2007 The Ruins (US) F
2006 Starter Wife (US) TV
2004 Stealth (US) F
2002-03 Peter Pan (US) F
2001 Ghost Ship (US) F
2000 Queen Of The Damned (US) F
2000 Willfull F
1999 Anna & The King (US) F
1999 Mission Impossible II (US) F
1998 Pitch Black (US) F
1997 A Bright Shining Lie (US) F
1996 Dark City (US) F
1995 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (US) F
1994 Mushrooms F
1993 Escape From Absolom (US) F
1992 Reckless Kelly F
1989 Until The End Of The World F
1988 Boys In The Island F
1987 Dead Calm F
1986 High Tide F

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