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Art Direction for film/TV/TVC & public art installations •16+ year industry experience •Large variety of tools & equipment •Graphic design & drafting 


2021 Mortal Kombat F (Art Dir)
2020 Chasing Wonders F (Art Dir)
2020 Relic F (Art Dir)
2019 Total Control TV (Art Dir)
2018 Mystery Road TV (Art Dir)
2017 Wake in Fright TV (Art Dir)
2017 The Letdown TV (Art Dir)
2016 The Ravens SF (Art Dir)
2016 The Code II TV (Art Dir)
2015-16 A Place To Call Home III-IV TV (Art Dir)
2015 The Principal TV (Art Dir)
2015 Last Cab to Darwin F (Art Dir)
2015 ANZ 'GAYTMS' C (Art Dir)
2015 Foxtel Game of Thrones Promo C (Art Dir)
2014 The Killing Field TV (Art Dir)
2013-14 Redfern Now II-III TV (Art Dir)
2013 The Outlaw Michael Howe F (Art Dir)
2013 An Accidental Soldier F (Art Dir)
2010-11 Rescue Special Ops III TV (Asst Art Dir)
2010 Tomorrow When the War Began F (CNC Prog/Draft)
2009 X-Men Origins: Wolverine F (CNC Prog/Draft)
2008 Australia F (CNC Prog/Draft)
2007 Ghost Rider F (Graphic Asst)
2006 Superman Returns F (Greens)
2006 Charlotte's Web F (Greens)
2005 The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe F (CNC Prog/Draft)
2005 Stealth F (Construct)

Contact:  Manager Pedlar Prop House



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