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2018 Chosen TV
2017 Bundaberg: Aussie Pride C
2017 KFC: Crazy Cat C
2017 Go Daddy: Website Shop C
2017 Butterflies Over the Sea TV
2017 Telstra: Streaming C
2016 Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am TV
2016 Hungry Jacks: Angus Range C
2016 Korando: Car on road C
2016 Optus C
2016 Foxtel C
2016 Pepsi Max: Slippy Slide C
2016 KCC Homes: Bicycle boy C
2014 Timothy TV
2014 Foreign Correspondent TV
2014 The Hamster Wheel TV
2013 The Elegant Gentlemans Guide to Knife Fighting TV
2013 Wednesday Night Fever TV
1997 Tomorrow Never Dies F

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