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2015 Notes to Eternity F
2015 25 April A
2015 When We Go to War TV
2013 Giselle F
2013 The Keeper SF
2013 Spartacus: War of the Dammed TV
2013 UFO SF
2013 Beyond the Edge F
2012 The Most Fun You Can Have Dying F
2012 Echoes SF
2012 Spartacus: Vengeance TV
2011 Hauraki SF
2011 Spartacus: Gods of the Arena TV
2010 Bird SF
2010 Roof Rattling SF
2010 Eeling SF
2010 Spartacus: Blood and Sand TV
2010 Clash of the Continents TV
2010 Nights in The Gardens of Spain TV
2009 Vostok Station SF
2009 Mokopuna SF
2009 Kehua SF
2009 The Politically Incorrect Parenting Show TV
2008 Map Reader F
2008 Clearing the Air SF
2008 Undergrowth SF
2008 A Glorious Morning SF
2008 The Road Out of Town SF
2008 Bridge SF
2008 This is Her SF
2008 Our Secret SF
2008 Tankboy TV
2007 A Grandmothers Tribe D
2006 Elgar's Enigma D
2006 The Understudy D
2005 Dare to Believe TV
2002 Turangawaewae SF
2000 When the Jars are Done SF



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