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2019 Messiah TV (Prop Master)
2018 The King's Daughter F (Prop Master)
2018 Winchester F (Prop Master)
2018 I Am Mother F (Set Dec)
2018 Pine Gap TV (Set Dec)
2017 Bleeding Steel F (Prop Master)
2017 6 Days F (Set Dec)
2015 Childhood's End TV (Prop Master)
2014 I, Frankenstein (US/AUS) F (Prop Master)
2014 Predestination F (Prop Master)
2012 Mental F (Prop Master)
2010 The Pacific (US) TV (Asst Prop Master)
2010 Beneath Hill 60 F (Prop Master)
2010 Yogi Bear (US) F (Prop Master)
2009 The Boys Are back F (Prop Master)
2007 Ghost Rider (US) F (Prop Master)
2005 Stealth (US) F (Asst Set Dec)
2003 Gettin' Square F (Set Dec)
2002 Ghost Ship (US) F (Prop Master)
2002 Scooby-Doo (US) F (Prop Master)
2000 Walk the Talk F (Set Dec)
1999 Siam Sunset F (Set Dec)
1999 The Matrix (US) F (Co Set Dec)


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