Level 3/8 Central Avenue
Eveleigh NSW 2015

Phone: (02) 9690 8000

Mobile: 0418 215 050



1 587sqm (31.3m x 24.4m) No Yes Yes 9 dressings rooms; 3 large green rooms; Purpose built Make-up room; Fully furnished production offices; Kitchen facilities; Light grid available; 450 person studio
2 600sqm (31.3m x 24.4m) No Yes Yes Same as Studio 1
Willoughby 21.82m x 15.54m Yes Yes Yes 3 wall white Cyclorama w/ black drapes; Air-conditioned; Drive on stage; Grid spacing 1.5sqm (floor to grid height 5.8m); White floor; Fully sound treated; Independent lighting control system
CYC: 13.8m x 13.8m
Lighting: 5.8m to lighting grid


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