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2020 Extraction F
2020 The Singapore Grip TV
2018 Aquaman F
2018 Tidelands I TV
2017 Thor: Ragnarok F
2016 Shallows F
2015 San Andreas F
2014 Unbroken (US) F
2013 Wolf Creek 2 F
2011 Iron Sky F
2009 Day Breakers F
2008 Triangle F
2006 December Boys F
2006 Superman Returns F
2005 Irresistible F
2003 Salem's Lot (US) TV
2001 Cybergirl 6000 TV
2001 Seconds to Spare (US) TV
2001 The Outsider (US) TV
2000 The Bank F
1999 Journey to the Centre of the Earth (US) TV
1999 Thunderstone III TV
1998 Greenstone (NZ) TV
1998 Tribe TV
1997 A Bright Shining Lie (US/THA) F
1995 The Frighteners (NZ) F


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