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2019 Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan F
2018 Undertow F
2018 Jirga F
2017 Jasper Jones F
2017 Cargo F
2017 What If It Works? F
2017 David Stratton: A Cinematic Life D
2015 Strangerland F
2015 Ruben Guthrie F
2015 The Daughter F
2015 Beast F
2014 Words with Gods F
2013 Tender D
2013 The Broken Shore TV
2013 The Dark Side D
2012 Storm Surfers 3D F
2012 Satellite Boy F
2011 The Hunter F
2008 Prime Mover F
2008 The Tender Hook F
2008 Samson & Delilah F
2007 Hey Hey It's Esther Blueburger F
2007 Ten Empty F
2006 Clubland F
2006 Suburban Mayhem F
2005 Hating Alison Ashley F
2004 Man Thing (US) F
2003 George Of The Jungle 2 (US) F
2002 Dirty Deeds F
2002 Kabbarli F
2001 Mullet F
2001 Walking On Water F
2000 The Magic Pudding F
1999 A Wreck A Tangle F
1999 The Wogboy F
1998 Babe: Pig In The City F
1998 Feeling Sexy F
1998 Our Park D
1997 Paws F
1997 Who Am I? F
1995 Idiot Box F
1994 Eternity D




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