NSW Theatrical Armourer Dealer Firearms Licence: 411385793 •NSW Theatrical Weapons Armourer Permit: 411471501 

2020 Terra Incognita SF
2020 In Hearts Wake: World Wide Suicide MV
2020 Polaris: Landmine MV
2020 Murder in the Outback: The Falconio and Lees Mystery TV
2019 The Combination: Redemption F
2019 We’re Not Here to Fuck Spiders F
2019 Beast No More F
2019 Hearts and Bones F
2019 Over and Out TV
2019 Be Quiet SF
2019 Black Heart, Red Hands SF
2018 Entrenched SF
2018 Greed F
2018 Skinford: Chapter Two F
2018 Sweet Jesus, Rose SF
2018 Jade of Death TV
2018 No Activity: Christmas Special TV
2018 Shift SF
2018 Super Hero F (AUS U)
2017 Event Zero F
2017 Skinford F
2017 Rookie SF
2017 Shooter SF
2017 Third World Man SF
2017 Cops Enemy F
2017 Once Upon a Time in Australia SF
2017 Murder Calls Australia TV
2017 To Be a Warrior SF
2017 Chapter One: Book Club SF
2016 Beast No More F
2016 5639 SF
2016 Miro SF
2016 The Sirius SF
2016 For Who’s God? SF
2015 Aisling SF

Contact:  Daniel Martin


PO Box 6
Appin NSW 2560


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