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2020 Polaris: Landmine MV
2020 In Hearts Wake: World Wide Suicide MV
2020 In Hearts Wake: Hellbringer MV
2019 The Combination: Redemption F
2018 Entrenched SF
2018 Jade of Death TV
2018 Maverick: Nothin To Lose MV
2018 Red Hook: Turn Up The Stereotype MV
2017-19 Deadly Women TV
2017 Event Zero F
2017 Skinford F
2017 Rookie SF
2017 Once Upon a Time in Australia SF
2017 Thy Art Is Murder: The Son of Misery MV
2017 Divinate: Deadweight MV
2016 The Suitor SF
2016 Luca Brasi: Count Me Out MV
2014 Buried In Veron: Illuminate MV

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