2021 My Life is Murder II TV
2021 The Gulf II TV
2020 The Sounds TV
2018-19 The Bad Seed TV
2017-20 Westside III-VI TV
2015-17 800 Words I-III TV
2015 The Brokenwood Mysteries TV
2015 Tatau TV
2014 The Last Saint F
2014 When We Go to War TV
2013 The Blue Rose TV
2013 Pirates of the Airwaves TV
2012 Spartacus: War of the Damned TV
2012 What Really Happened: Votes for Women TV
2012 Billy TV
2011-13 The Almighty Johnsons TV
2011 My Wedding and Other Secrets F
2011 What Really Happened: Waitangi TV
2009 An Island Calling D
2009 The Cult TV
2008-10 Legend of the Seeker TV
2008 Apron Strings F
2007 Power Rangers Operation Overdrive TV
2000 Jubilee F
1999 Magic and Rose F
1996 Overnight TV
1995 Forgotten Silver TV


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