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Camera Operator •Video Camera Operator •Director •Owner/Operator •DigiBeta •Betacam SP •Betacam SX DVCam lipstick cam •Full lighting kit •Sound kit •Dolly mini jib & grip kit •XDCAM HD 800 •PAL/NTSC formats 


2016 Survivor Australia TV
2011 Undercover Boss TV
2010 X Factor TV
2010 Football Superstar TV
2010 Conviction Kitchen TV
2006 Celebrity Survivor TV
2004 Celebrity Treasure Island (NZ) TV
2004 The Resort TV (DOP)
2003-04 I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here I-III (US/UK) TV
2001-02 Big Brother I & II TV
2000 Survivor The Australian Outback TV
2000 Switching Lives TV
2000 The Everglades D
1999 Escape From Hell's Gate D
1999 Islands Of Change D
1999 The Castaways D
1999 Vanuatu Another Time D
1998 Australia's Island Gems D
1998 Survival In The Sand D
1998 The School Of Last Resort D


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