On Set Armourer •Weapons Specialist •+30yrs film industry experience w/ over 250 films & 650 TV episodes •All types of weapons available from the 1800s-21st Century 

2019 The Faceless Man F
2018 Incident Report SF
2018 Living Space F
2018 Five O'Clock SF
2018 Cult Girls F
2017 The Second Coming Vol.2 F
2017 Tracy F
2017 Method TV
2016 The Menkoff Method F
2016 Restoration F
2016 The Crossroads of History TV
2015 Danger 5 II TV
2015 Strike Back TV
2014 I, Frankenstein F
2014 Son of a Gun F
2014 Strike Back V TV
2013 Tracks F
2012 Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries TV
2010 Killer Elite F
2010 Tomorrow When The War Began F
2010 The Fifth Execution F
2010 The Pacific TV
2009 Animal Kingdom F
2009 Red Hill F
2009 Knowing (US) F
2007 Ghost Rider (US) F
2007 Macbeth F
2004 Sniper 3 (US) F



Mobile: 0418 316 494

Web: http://www.motionpicturearmourer.com

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