B2/46-62 Maddox Street
Alexandria NSW 2015

Phone: (02) 9690 0033

Fax: (02) 9690 0986



1 221sqm (13m x 7m) Yes No Yes 24hr/7day access; Set fabrication & design; High ceilings; Digital camera/photographic lighting hire & sales; Commercial kitchen; 2.6x3.6m doorways; Standard flattage; 10/20 amp single phase; 20/32 amp 3 phase; Total 300 amps; Wireless internet
Lighting: Daylight
2 170sqm (10m x 17m) Yes No No Same as Studio 1
3 153sqm (9m x 17m) Yes No No Same as Studio 1
CYC: Egg
4 238sqm (14m x 17m) No No No Same as Studio 1
5 70sqm (10m x 7m) No No Yes Same as Studio 1
Lighting: Daylight


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