3x trucks •80KVA generator •130KVA generator •5.5KVA generator 


2015 Bullets for the Dead F
2012 Iron Sky (GER/AU) F
2009 At World's End (DNK) F
2009 Triangle F
2007 Unfinished Sky F
2007 Bontekhoe F
2006 The Marine (US) F (2nd U)
2003 Swimming Upstream F
2002 A Ring of Endless Light (US) TV
2001 Flat Chat TV
2001 Hildegarde F
2000 Green Sails (US/GER) F
1999 Diamondback (US) TV
1998 Misery Guts TV
1997 Meteorite (US) TV
1996-97 Flipper I & II (US) TV
1996 White Lies TV
1995 Blackwater Trail TV
1994 Muriel's Wedding F
1993 Irresistible Force (US) TV
1993 Rough Diamonds F
1992 Animal Park TV
1990 Bloodmoon F


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