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2014 Codes and Conspiracies TV
2014 Dinosaur Island F
2012 Australia: The Time Traveller's Guide TV (Doco Series)
2011 Grimm TV
2010 Life After People TV
2010 A Traveler's Guide to the Planets TV (Doco Series)
2009 Prehistoric D
2009 Dinosaurs Decoded D
2009 Death of the Megabeasts D (Telemovie)
2009 Prehistoric New York TV (Telemovie)
2008-09 Prehistoric Predators II D
2008 Death Of The Mega Beasts TV
2008 Life After People TV
2008 Dying Breed F
2007 Crude TV
2007 National Geographic: Prehistoric Creatures (US) TV
2007 Prehistoric Predators TV
2006 Supernova II TV
2005 Equator D
2005 Night Of The Sabre Tooth TV
2005 Supernova TV
2005 Attack of the Sabertooth TV (Telemovie)
2004 Animal Face-Off D
2004 Body Wars D
2004 Microbe Invasion D
2003 Hooley Dooleys TV
2003 Human Prey D
2003 Poisonous Women D
2003 The Curse Of The Elephant Man D
2003 The Devils Sea D
2002 Shadow Lands F
2002 The Hooley Dooleys "Opsadazee" TV

Contact:  Matt Drummond


21 Neale Street
Katoomba NSW 2780

Phone: (02) 4782 7600



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