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2010-11 Terra Nova TV
2009-10 Sanctum F
2007-08 The Saddle Club TV
2007 Sea Patrol TV
2005-07 McLeod’s Daughter’s TV
2005-06 Nightmares & Dreamscapes TV
2004 Jeopardy F
2004 The Proposition F
2003 Sleepover Club TV
2002 George of the Jungle II (US) F
2002 Ghost Ship (US) F
2002 Mermaids TV
2001 Jumping Ship (US) TV
2001 The Diamond of Jeru F
2000-01 Beastmaster (CAN) TV
2000 Crocodile Dundee in LA (US) F
2000 Stepsister From Planet Weird (US) TV
1999 Dr Jekell & Mr Hyde TV
1999 He Died With a Felafal in His Hand F
1999 Wahine: Surf Unit (US) F
1998-99 Flipper III & IV TV

Contact:  Chris Cosh & Linda Cosh


PO Box 406
Labrador QLD 4215

Mobile: 0419 657 558



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