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Wildlife cinematography 

2006 Silent Warriors D
2006 Strait of Terror D
2005 Shark vs Croc D
2004 Plight of the Pelican D
2004 The Vanishing Grey Nurse Shark D
2003 Islands Lost in Time D
2003 The Coral Sea D
2003 The Louisiade Archipelago D
2002 Search For Sunken Treasures D
2001 Secrets of an Oasis D
2000 Seasnakes of Marion Reef D
2000 Worlds Deadliest Creature D
1999 The Elusive Mermaid D
1997 March of the Crabs D
1996 Adventures of the Cropp Family D
1996 Exotica & Erotica of the Deep D
1995 Tiger Sharks: Legendary Thugs of the Sea D
1994 Eco Tourism D
1994 Ningaloo D
1993 The Coral Reefs Are Dying D


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