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2013 Tractor Monkeys TV
2011-12 ABC News: Special Projects TV
2011 Paper Giants TV
2010 The Making of Modern Australia D
2010 I, Spry D
2010 Catalyst TV
2007 Australian Dynasties: The Leahy Family D
2006 50 Years of ABC Television D
2005 Talking Heads D
2004 Jimmy Little's Gentle Journey D
2004 Rewind D
2002-04 The Way We Were TV
2001 100 Years: The Australian Story TV
2000 Beyond The Fatal Shore D
2000 Message Stick D
1999 Centenary Of Federation D
1999 Sisters In Arms D
1998 Inside Story: Rumble In The Jungle D
1998 The Fifth Continent D
1997-98 Quantum TV
1997 Antarctica: The Silence Calling D
1997 Barry Humphries' Flashbacks D
1997 Frontier D (Archivist)
1997 The Future Eaters D
1996 Bohemian Rhapsody D
1995-98 Media Watch TV
1995 Australia Remembers D


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