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SFX •Model making •Explosives class 1 & 9 certified •Weather & atmospheric FX •U/water dive ticket •Vehicle modification •Breakaways •Pyrotechnics •Rigging/flying & rope work 

2005 Charlotte's Web (US) F
2004 Stealth (US) F
2003 Anacondas (US) F
2003 Peter Pan (US) F
2002 The Fountain (US) F
2000 Survivor (US) TV
1999 Anna & The King (US) F
1998 Mr Accident F
1998 The Matrix (US) F
1997 Babe: Pig In The City F
1997 Doom Runners (US) TV
1997 Never Tell Me Never TV
1997 Oscar & Lucinda F
1996 Big Sky TV
1995 Beast (US) TV
1995 Race The Sun F
1994 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (US) F
1993 Rapa Nui F
1993 Streetfighter (US) F

Contact:  Peter Owens


Bay 3/Shed 1B/Canal Road Film Centre
Leichhardt NSW 2040


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