GPO Box 9994
Sydney NSW 2001

Phone: (02) 8333 5790

Mobile: 0417 258 143



Ultimo - 21 260sqm (18m x 14m x 7m) Yes Yes Yes 3 cyc tracks b&w; 100 seating; 10 Dressing rooms; Green rooms w/ kitchen; Floated Epoxy Flooring; Contact Julianne Goss
Ultimo - 22 33.2m x 21.6m x 7m Yes Yes Yes Floated Epoxy Flooring; 2 cyc rails black or white; motorised lighting battens; Programmable lighting hoists; 250 seating; 10 Dressing rooms; Green room w/kitchen; Contact Julianne Goss
CYC: 1 Black 1 White
Artarmon - 26 700sqm (30m x 23.3m x 10m) Yes Yes Yes Cyc rail around perimeter; Sound Stage floor; 6 Dressing rooms; Air conditioned; Hair/Make-up room; Wardrobe & laundry facilities; Contact Julianne Goss
Ultimo - EG Hall 400sqm (20m x 18.3m x 11.2m) No Yes Yes Sound isolated; 314 tiered seating; Ceiling lighting grid; Air conditioned; Practice studios/green rooms/kitchen; 12 channel mixing console; Piano Hire available; Contact Julianne Goss
Ultimo - Rehearsal Rooms 307sqm (20.5m x 15m) No Yes No 3 phase power; Floated epoxy floor; Air-conditioned; Kitchen facilities; Floor to ceiling double glazed glass windows; Contact Julianne Goss


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