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Working for Film & Television Institute Perth 

2019-20 The Heights I-II TV
2017 Pulse F
2016 You Can't Play the Game If You Don't Know the Rules F
2013 Drift F
2009 3 Acts of Murder TV
2009 Crush F
2007 To Hell & Back F
2007 Wormwood TV
2006 Hidden Creatures F
2006 Streetsmartz III TV
2006 The Circuit TV
2005 Last Train to Freo F
2004-05 Streetsmartz TV
2004 Foreign Exchange (AUS/IRE) TV
2004 Parallax TV
2002 Japanese Story F (Assoc)
2002 Teesh & Trude TV
2002 The Shark Net TV
2001 Rabbit-Proof Fence F (Assoc)
2001 Southern Cross TV
2000 Let's Get Skase F (Assoc)
2000 The Stockade F
1999-00 Wild Kat TV
1998 Fast Tracks TV
1998 Minty TV
1997 Justice F


157A Gildercliffe Street
Scarborough WA 6019



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