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2015 StalkHer F
2014 Charlie's Farm F
2014 Predestination F
2014 Dr Blakes Mysteries III TV
2013-15 The Doctor Blake Mysteries I-III TV
2011 Cruise to Happiness (GER) TV
2010 Spirited TV
2010 Terra Nova (Pilot) TV
2009-10 Packed to the Rafters TV
2008 Tangle TV
2007 Acolytes F
2007 Sea Patrol TV
2006 Bianca (US) TV
2005-06 Mortified TV
2005 Black Fury SF
2003 Mermaids (US) TV
2002 Ghost Ship (US) F (2nd unit)
2002 Lost In Oz (Pilot) TV (2nd unit)
2002 The Crop F
2001 Crocodile Dundee In LA (US) F (2nd unit)
2001 Scooby-Doo (US) F (2nd unit)
2001 Terror On The Rails TV
2000 Stepsister From Planet Weird (US) TV
1996 Acri (Japan) F (2nd unit)
1995 Flipper (US) TV
1994 A Country Practice TV



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