41 Percy Cameron Street
Avalon WGTN 5011



1 78sqm (11.4m x 6.85m) No Yes Yes Full Heating/Cooling; UPS & Genset backed suited to News/interviews or channel playout
4 42sqm (6.6m x 6.4m) No Yes Yes Full Heating/Cooling; UPS & Genset backed
7 38.5sqm (7m x 5.5m x 3m) No Yes Yes Small studio for one-on-one interviews or small panel discussions; Live link/satellite inject studio w/ single camera; Green screen or background alternative
8 784sqm (33.4m x 23.7m x 8.3m) Yes Yes Yes Large fully sound proofed & air-conditioned film & TV recording studio w/ a monopole lighting grid system; Curtain tracks; Blacks; Green screen; Off white CYC
9 120 sqm (11.8m x 10.1m x 5.6m) Yes Yes Yes Full green screen & pantograph suspended lighting system; Corporate video productions & advertisements or sound stage
10 120sqm (11.8m x 10.1m x 5.6m) No Yes Yes Same size as Studio 9 & suitable for most TV shows & productions; Can be used as a sound stage
11 423sqm (23.9m x 17.7m x 10m) Yes Yes Yes Suitable for Large drama productions; Full studio lighting; Infinity screen ideal for stills shoots; Equipped w/ Fibre optic 'star cloth'
Backlot 3000sqm No No No Full services to site power/water
Wet Stage 241.1sqm (15m x 6.7m x 1.25m & 1.115m) No No No
Utility Space 1200sqm (80m x 15m x 10m) No No No Set construction; Spray booth; Machine wood workshop; Welding bay; Natural light space


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