2017 Seven Types of Ambiguity F
2016 The Menkoff Method F (Coord)
2015-16 Plush Furniture C
2015 Oddball F
2015 Secret River F
2015 Childhood's End TV
2014 Upper Middle Bogan TV
2011 Red Dog F (Coord)
2010 Bed of Roses TV
2008-09 Rush TV
2007 Rogue F
2007 City Homicide TV
2003-05 Blue Healers TV
2003 Visitors F (Asst)
2002 The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course F
1999 Me Myself I F

Contact:  Luke Hura


PO Box 505
Blaan VIC 3342

Mobile: 0418 106 046

Web: http://www.lukesdogtraining.com.au


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