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CADG Productions offer a unique service to the Film and Television Industry and are happy to join a project at any stage of the production.

CADG Productions recognise the growing requirements with today's film professionals for expert advice over an endless range of topics.

To answer these requirements CADG Productions have expert professionals with our Senior Military Advisor having over 40 years experience available for today's production companies and film professionals at a single source.

CADG Productions advisors have many years experience and our Senior Military Advisor dating back to the Vietnam War to Current Conflicts. He also has experience in Police and SERT - SWAT Special Tactics - Special Forces Tactics and Private Security Contractors. 

This makes CADG Productions advisors experience and knowledge very unique.

The above gives us the ability to evaluate the challenges you face and provide lasting or ongoing solutions to any demanding Project - Operation or Film Production.


> Script Consultation: Research for Writers Authenticating Dialogue.

> Assist with Department Heads i.e. Prop Master - Weapons 
   Coordinator Art Department etc. Note: "We are licensed and qualified in weapon safety"

> Research for all Departments.

> Training and Coach Actors to include Dialogues - Customs - Courtesies - Protocol.

> Instruction in the proper use of equipment.

> Appearance of Uniforms etc.

CADG Productions also has the experience in many protocols with everyday issues related to working in these areas of the Department of Defence - Government and
Private Sectors.

CADG Productions experience and knowledge of their policies and expectations makes CADG Productions unique in these areas.

Let CADG Productions help advocate and navigate you through the (DOD) bureaucracy for any support you may need in these areas. Contact Us for more information.

This organisation and depth of CADG Productions give us the flexibility to tailor-fit our services to the unique needs of each professional and provide you with the strategies to ensure that your projects are successful.

In all cases we will tailor our support to your specific needs.

Don't hesitate to call or email us to discuss any questions no matter how small or large your production is.

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Contact:  Project Manager: Ron Goff


19 Silverdell Crescent
Parkinson QLD 4133

Mobile: 0438 714 836