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We Do Animals

As the name leads you to believe, We Do Animals offers support, advice and supply of animal related services in the entertainment industry.

At Script development stage we can provide valuable knowledge of realistic behaviours and reactions that will add support to the particular emotional aspect of your work, creating believable animal action on screen.
Species and breed types can also be recommended to help you ‘see’ your work as you write.

In pre-production we send a script breakdown of all animal action listed as it comes to us, with information as a starting point for filming that will help secure the best action for the camera.

Most important are the weekly video updates we provide of the training process via shared drop-box folders. This allows the director to see how the behaviour is developing and can communicate any desired changes needed BEFORE we get animals in front of the camera, which can literally save hours on set. It can truly be the difference between getting a key shot with animal action easily or not at all. Training behaviour for the camera is like creating a model for the camera. It takes time and you get to a point where there is no turning back. Can you imagine how much feedback Spielberg gave to the model makers and puppeteers when creating E.T?

Information is also provided to A.D’s during pre-pro on ‘best scheduling scenarios’ to maximise animal action. Of course, there are many other things that need to be taken into account when shooting a schedule is being created (we will stick to animals thank you), which is why we believe the more information we can share the better.

And during shooting? We Do Animals.

Offers support/advice & supply of animal related services in the entertainment industry •Specialising in lead animal characters for Film/TV & Theatre productions •Creating believable animal action on screen 

Contact:  Peta Clarke
Rebecca Faulkner

Mobile: 0458 973 326